Better Than U to Compete at the Blackjack Las Vegas Tournament

  • Mar 04, 2021

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Every year, casinos organize tournaments that bring players of different skill grades together. Famous betting tournaments are fascinating and promise prizes for successful gamblers. Today, we will look at the blackjack Las Vegas tournament that Better than U hopes to compete in, the rules and strategies you need to win at this tournament.

About the Blackjack Las Vegas Tournament

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The blackjack game, also called 21, is a fantastic deck casino game enjoyed by players all around the world. Caesars palace aka Las Vegas, host blackjack tournaments where top card players of different skill levels compete against one another. Better Than U to Compete at the Blackjack Las Vegas Tournament will be an amazing feat.

The objective of this event is for players to reach close to 21 cards. Blackjack players love these tournaments because they can enjoy the thrill while limiting bankroll risk. The host of this tournament has increased the cash prize of this year blackjack tournament to $2 m. This event will be covered by an online casino and betting news site in an upcoming article with live video streaming taking place on the twitch platform.

Rules of the Las Vegas Blackjack Tournament

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Events of such magnitude has some tenets which must be followed earnestly. Better Than U competing at the Blackjack Las Vegas Tournament without knowing the rules will spell doom for the team. For each participant, they must have $150,000 worth of chips. These chips let the organizers know you are ready to compete financially. Also, note that the minimum bet is $1000, and the maximum is $20,000 per stake.

Participants are allowed to have “Burger chips,” which lets you replace your decks with an available one in the shoe. It is perfectly legal to surrender when you are down, and you could also split, double down and guard your loss. Finally, if a player cannot afford the minimum stake, he is eliminated. After 30 rounds, gamblers with the highest chips are victorious.

Tips to Succeed at the Blackjack Las Vegas Tournament

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Winning blackjack events is challenging, but here are some useful tips. The Better Than U team will need these crucial tips to succeed.

All participants must learn the primary rules of the tournament. This is to avoid unnecessary elimination at the early stages of the match. Also, note that if you break two rules consequently, you leave. Card counting is heavily frowned upon in your amnesty of this kind, so don’t rely on them. Organizers use various means like card penetration and state-of-the-art technology to deter this activity.

Another key point is not to take side bets. Some players may intentionally lose side bets because they are not betting with their own stake. Always focus on yourself alone. Try to start staking small to get good betting leverage and also win early to make other contenders jittery.

The Founder of Better Than U Loves Gambling

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Gambling has always been the hobby of the owner of the website and this is to the advantage of Better Than U in the Las Vegas Tournament. As a fan of online casino games, she operates with some unique strategies which improve his chances of winning. These strategies have been working for her in recent times. Last month, she profited $50,896 playing online blackjack. This is her playing and was featured on

The post discussed the blackjack tournaments, its rules, and how Better than U hopes to compete and win the Las Vegas Blackjack Tournament.

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