Planetary Annihilation

  • Mar 04, 2021

Gaming has been an important part of human life for as long as the existence of man. It started off as a form of entertainment for man. The latter needed something to keep his body and soul together. Therefore, there was a need to find an entertaining game, hence, man started to play with stones pebbles and other natural materials.

As time passed, gaming became better. Today, even though there are still physical buildings when people can play, gaming is more digitally inclined than ever. We seek to give insight into one of the digital games that won the hearts of many. Introducing: Planetary Annihilation.

About Planetary Annihilation

Planetary Annihilation can be said to be a top-notch strategy PC game originally developed by Uber Entertainment whose staff consists of many gaming industry veterans. The latterhave worked on great gaming projects such as Total Annihilation and supreme commander.

Planetary Annihilation, which is the upgrade of the supreme commander and total Annihilation which was released in 2015. According to Jon Mavor, the man who wrote the graphics engine, the game visualization started in May 2012, three months prior to the official announcement.

The game’s concept itself had been in the pipeline for three years at that time. Additionally, the server and the game engine technology had been developed several years prior to the game’s public release. The players lose when their last commander is destroyed. Now, let’s find out how the game works.

How does the Game operate?

Planetary Annihilation has been rated as one of the top games around by a lot of gaming experts. Its complexity and play time can vary from half of two players battle, to lengthy matches, to potentially 40 players. However, the game is a map-based kind of game that basically contain different types of asteroids and planets such as the moon.

While playing this game, players are expected to conquer other planets through the use of maps, said to include hundreds of worlds, through galactic wars. These planets are dynamic, but they that they can be annihilated, using other planets or catalyst, a major concern for Uber Entertainment.

The game creators built it in resemblance to Total Annihilation, but this time it is focused on macro gameplay, rather than micro game play. Planetary Annihilation can be enjoyed in the single-player mode or multiplayer mode, depending on the choice of the players.

Release of Planetary Annihilation

It has been established that the game provides premium entertainment to players. Planetary Annihilation was officially launched on September 5, 2014, on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Planetary Annihilation: Titans, a stand-alone version of the game, served as an upgrade of the original one was released in August 2015. Upon release, the game received mixed reactions from critics, who were of the belief that it was an average game. Regarding this, critics praised the came for its ambitious concept.

At the same time, it was utterly criticized for its poor playability status and its overall incompleteness. However, many of the game critics have scored the game above average. Gamers across the world have also continued going on various missions on Planetary Annihilation.

The technological innovation in the game is worth mentioning, with critics saying it was experimental and innovative to anything or any other competitor that was out at the time.

Funding of the project

Unlike other game developers, who would typically get investors to buy into the idea and provide funding for the ideas, Planetary Annihilation producers, Uber entertainment, went a totally different route. Indeed, they decided to raise funds via the means of crowdfunding siteKickstarte, setting the funding at $900,000. The campaign kicked off, with them raising about $450,000 in five days.

In the course of the donation drive, Uber Entertainment announced the first set of goals, that is additional services would be unlocked without exceeding the amount assigned. By the fifteenth day of the campaign, Planetary Annihilation reached the goal of $900,000. By the 14th of September 2012 they had raised $2,228,000 via Kickstarter and $101,000 on PayPal. As a result of this, all set goals for the product were achieved.

Kickstarter named Planetary Annihilation as the 11th Kickstarter project that has raised over a million dollars, using it as a highlight for the successes the game had witnessed. The game had witnessed so much contribution from the public by just watching thrillers. This means that the public believed so much in the project and saw it as an interesting way of entertaining themselves.

Team Behind Planetary Annihilation

Some of the best industry veterans are the brains behind the Planetary Annihilation project. The big names include:

  • Planetary Annihilation Inc/Uber Entertainment—Developers
  • Planetary Annihilation—Publishers
  • Jon Mavor—Director
  • Marc Scattergood and Jeremy Ables—Producers
  • Jon Mavor—Designer
  • Jon Mavor, William Howe-Lott and Michael Robbins—Programmers
  • Steve Thomson, Ben Golus Andrew and Christophersen Aung Oo—Artists
  • Howard Mostrom—Composer
  • Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux—Platforms

The above is a list of great individuals and gaming veterans who worked to see the success of the game until it was released. The game maintained a good reputation with a lot of big industry players coming in to make it a worthy project. And also, getting a lot of funding from the public rather than getting investors to bring in the money, made them share profit after the game had been released.

Planetary Annihilation: Overview